Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black, White, & Denim

 It's bad when the maternity clothes from the last go-round are getting too tight and the Food Lion lady says, "Giiirrrrrrrl, you gonna have twins." Grocery stores, FYI, are not my favorite places to visit right now. I do, however, enjoy the farmer's market, even when there is only one vendor. Little S and I bought two tomatoes, two onions, 1/4 lb of broccolini (which we ate for dinner last night and it was delicious), and 1 lb of fresh green beans for $4.65. Seriously? And people complain that eating healthfully is so expensive. I guess it is. But I felt like I was stealing from that cute little old farmer.
 jacket: American Eagle, tee: Old Navy, tank: Old Navy Maternity, pants: Motherhood, scarf: Old Navy, flats: Target
 I can't wait to go to the farmer's market on Saturday when all of the vendors are there! I'm excited to get watermelon, strawberries, and eggs! 

Oh, ps - I'm on that crazy kick again when I won't feed my family crap. Here's hoping it sticks.

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