Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casually Speaking *Inspirational*

Lately, all I've wanted to do is look cute and casual. I don't have time for frills and clothing that pulls or gathers or is pinned with brooch. I run errands, clean house, go to the park, and am huge. I've found it really difficult to dress my growing body over the past two months or so and although all of the beautiful bloggers I'm featuring today are fit and fabulous, I still gain inspiration through their classically casual outfits.

Maegan of ... Love Maegan

Lindsey of Ruby Girl

Sydney of The Daybook
If these ladies can pass on any advice to me via these photos (and the linked blog posts), it's that casual doesn't have to be frumpy, lazy, or thoughtless. The attention to detail in each outfit is just enough that an onlooker knows you made an effort and that the outfit is well thought out. But all of these bloggers (included in my daily reads) tend to look amazing whether in a little black dress or in jeans and a tee. That's the inspiration I'm looking for.

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