Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Shoes We Wear

Do you think your shoes say a lot about you? During this pregnancy, I've been wondering if my shoes speak as many words as I think they might. On the days I'm brave enough to wear heels, I wonder if people think that I'm going to be a chic mom who doesn't care how much I've got going on- I'm going to look good. If I slip on some flats or flip-flops, do people think I'm lazy? Or they might say, "Poor girl. She must be so uncomfortable." 

During one of my daily battles with what shoes to wear and what they say about me as a woman, a mother, and someone who's expecting a second child, I was introduced to Littlewoods. When I was contacted, I thought the company mainly focused on shoes, so I was really excited! Fortunately for me (and everyone else shopping online), they are a one-stop-shop for women's, men's, and children's clothing plus a little bit of everything else. My favorite kind of place! But I'm here about shoes, right?

Here are some that I have on my wishlist for this summer and after I have little Miss Bean. Obviously, think comfort (AND chic) for the still-pregnant months and then think Megan for after the baby is born!

Coleen Phuket Embellished Toe Post Sandals

Chinese Laundry Fiction Platforms

Dune Fancy Corsage Sandals

South Cosette High Leg Wedge Boots

South Oilbird Monoraffia Wedge Sandals

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

 If you're like me and are constantly wondering what your shoe choices say about you, try a pair of kickers from Littlewoods! I'd definitely encourage you to at least check the site out if you're looking for tons of options in one place!

*Disclaimer: After more research from a loyal reader, Littlewoods does not ship to the United States. Feel free to look at their pretty things if you're a U.S. resident, but don't get too attached! So sorry about the inconvenience. I was so excited!

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