Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All Geared Up

Husband got a brand new bike a few months ago and we found this trailer on clearance at Target for almost 50% off. Because S is always wanting to spend time with her daddy and he's always wanting to get some exercise, this was a perfect solution. The pair went on their first trail ride on Saturday and they had an awesome time!
 I packed snacks for S and put them in the side pouch of her trailer. She also took FiFi, her yarn dog and Abby, her baby doll on the ride. I love this trailer because there's a three-strap buckle system and the kid(s) are very secure. I have to admit, though... I do freak out every time they go out. 
Husband got a little tracker/mileage/calorie counter thing. He's so cute when he's setting it all up to go on a ride. We were able to pack my car up with all this stuff and I dropped them off at the beginning of the trail. I'd planned on running an errand and then meeting them at the end, but I got a phone call from Husband saying he was going to ride all the way back to the park (near the beginning!), so I met them there. S pretty much had the best day, ever!
 Off they go!
I'm (not so) secretly jealous whenever they go on a bike ride. We put a bike on layaway for me and have to pay it off this month (yikes), but I didn't need mine right away. The thing is, I want it SO badly. I could probably take some short rides right around the neighborhood. It's so cute! I can't wait to take pictures when it gets here. She'll need a name. She's periwinkle with flowers... and not a cruiser! I wanted a cruiser because they're beautiful, but let's get real. I'm knee-high to a grasshopper and those things are built for giants. I have the smallest size for a woman's bike without moving to a child bike. I think it's 13.5". Unfortunately, I won't be riding with my family for a while. I'll have to heal from my c-section and we can't ALL go together until Bean can sit up on her own. I wonder if I can drag S' trailer.

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