Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Shop: Bitty Bug Designs!

I am so excited to announce that my new shop, Bitty Bug Designs, is now open! I've been brainstorming this idea for months and am so happy it's finally coming into fruition. I imagine production will be slowish at first because I need to build some income before I go out and stock up on fabric. I have a handful of choices right now and plan to get to the fabric store again this weekend. Most importantly, I plan to support other work-at-home-moms and purchase wholesale fabric from their shops as soon as I have a steady enough idea of how much I will need. I want to thank everyone I bounced this idea off of and who supported it! And here are the first few official items in the shop!
 Double-sided flannel receiving blanket, warm and lightweight! $16.50
Pack of 8 double duty flannel cloth wipes! Green living + soft on baby's bum! $8.00
Pouch-style baby sling, lightweight and sturdy flannel $28
Triple thick flannel burp cloths, set of 2! $10

I'll also be adding peek-a-boo nursing covers, soon!

I would really like to do three giveaways starting next week, so if you're interested in hosting on your blog, please send an email to kimberly.s.parham@gmail.com! The first three people to contact me will host the giveaways for an item in the shop or a credit. Your readers will also get a discount for one month from the giveaway start date! I know I only have two items up at the moment, but there will be way more by Sunday evening! 

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