Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dressed and Mombots

Confession: I'm afraid the moms at Little S' school are going to fry me up and eat me for lunch. They are of three types:
1) The Real Housewives - They are perfectly tanned, perfectly highlighted, donning designer dresses and jewelry, and all run to hug each other at the door of the school.
2) The Gymbots - They drop off and/or pick up their children in workout gear (skin-tight) and look like they exercised for 7 hours straight. Although sweaty, their hair is beautiful, make-up in-tact, and they are gorgeous.
3) The "Me" People - Normal

Nonetheless, I am afraid of them all. Maybe it's because I'm one of two new moms at the school and the other is quite anti-social. I'm not. But I'm scared to talk to the mombots. They're all well-versed in how to be a part of the little Montessori community and well, they're sort of perfect (at arms' reach). I'm sure they all struggle with the same stuff with which I do. But it's the least I can do to get out of my nursing top and panties in the morning, much less into a gorgeous outfit with make-up and hair or to the gym! I did get dressed this morning, but just because I felt like I had to.

Maybe feeling like I "have to" will get me back into the swing of feeling like I want to?
 shirt: Old Navy, skirt: Made by Me, scarf: c/o Happy Scarf, sandals: Target
Whether or not you're a busy mom, what motivates you to get dressed in the morning? What struggles do you face? Do you feel better when you start your day in an outfit you like?

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  1. Your hair is getting so long!!! Also... it isn't just moms that sometimes have no desire to get dolled up. I just did a giant wardrobe clean out and pinpointed some items I really wanted, then went shopping while I had the chance. I'm already a lot more motivated to dress up.



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