Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little S Goes to School!

I sent my first-born to school for the very first time, today. There's not a whole lot to say (yet), except she was hard to wake up, but very, very excited once she was awake. I'll spare you all of the pictures of her stretching in bed, curling into a ball, and refusing to get up. But once she realized it was school day, she got up and was ready for a breakfast of champions! I'll have more to report after I pick her up (so I'll tell ya, tomorrow). I'm so proud of my Little S!
 Cheerios, grapes, and milk!
 "I don't need help, mom-uh."
top: Old Navy, khakis: Target, sandals: Target, bow: Local artist
I practically had to beg for a kiss. She was so ready!

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