Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Short Affair: Fashion & Faith Link-Up

... and by affair, I mean a loathe affair. Shorts and I don't get along. I have nubby little German legs (Don't kick me if you're German and have great legs. Let's be real... if you're German, tall, skinny, and tan, you're atypical.), sun damage on my knees that people constantly mistake for bruises, oh and... I love the body that I have, because God gave it to me. So, today, I decided to go against the grain of my 29 years of thinking and I wore shorts. I'm really just giving myself props for wearing something other than yoga pants and a ribbed tank to Norah's doctor's appointment.
Oh, and here's a peek into our living room since, well, it's dark outside.
 I'm a walking ad for Old Navy...
top: Old Navy
shorts: Old Navy (on sale for $10 until July 3)
shoes: Lower East Side
belt: New York & Company
 I'm not really a huge fan of this top. It makes me feel like I threw one of those highway cleanup bags over myself. It's enormous! The belt was meant to reign in the flow a little, but I think it'll need to be taken in for me to be happy. What other colors would you pair with these wild ikat shorts?
I'm linking up with Ruby Girl for Fashion & Faith Thursday! I'm so honored to have been asked to participate and look forward to posting outfit photos on Thursdays, at the least! Go Christian style bloggers! I use "style" loosely these days. Looking forward to the link-up and meeting some awesome new friends.

So, help me out, y'all! I need some other ways to pair these shorts. I'm such a shorts novice and these were too good to leave behind for $10. Maybe you could polyvore them for me and leave a link in the comments?

Fashion & Faith
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