Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Short-Medium Length Hair

Grr. This is the second time I'm writing and saving this post, so hopefully Blogger won't eat it, again! 
I don't know about you, but every time I cut my hair, I love it for three days and then regret it. I'm almost instantly impatient about growing it out and frustrated with having to style shorter hair. With natural waves that aren't wavy enough to do anything pretty on their own, short hair requires quite a bit of work for me. I've come up with five go-to hairstyles that are easy, fast, and perfect for everyday.

blow dried with french braided bangs:
 messy, loose ponytail:
 blow dried and bouncy:
tousled curls:
 sleek and smooth (flat ironed):
I finish just about every hairstyle with a light mist of light to medium hold hairspray. I don't do this for hold, though. With my superfine hair, it's easy for layers to get lost in the cut, so a mist of hairspray helps pull out the texture and not make it look so flat and one-dimensional. The most common style I wear is the blow dried and bouncy, just because all that requires is for me to flip my head upside down and dry it with a paddle brush. But I love variations on that style, like adding the french braid or a twist to my bangs, or just pulling the bangs straight back into a little pouf. May I reiterate "little?" I've also been loving the small things blog for when I get into a rut! Kate is armed with tons of quick, easy styles that will dress up your hair. 

For those of you who were waiting to see a more true representation of my new color, this is pretty on point! I'm loving it! I still have only washed it the one that I rinsed the color out, so I'm sure there are a few slight changes on the horizon. One I'm hoping for is that my highlights will shine through just a bit for color dimension. Otherwise, I'm very pleased. This is exactly what I was hoping for.
What do you think?

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