Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Ugly Jeans

There's never time to DIY around here. Except when it means I take a pair of ugly jeans, chop them off, roll a cuff, and have some appropriate length shorts. That, ladies and gentlemen (probably just ladies?), is exactly what I did to these jorts.


shirt and tank: Old Navy, jorts (DIY): Charlotte Russe, sandals: Fergalicious, necklace: Etsy 2009
Yes, the side of my shirt is pulled up. Yes, I wore another black and white striped tank under my shirt. Yes, I walk around like this all.the.time from having a baby on my hip.
So, better as jorts, right? I really needed something appropriate and comfortable to transition into fall with long sleeved tops. I rather like my ugly jeans, now.
*This was my Saturday outfit- so, before hair dye. 

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