Thursday, September 5, 2013

Olive & Coral - Hopeful Goodbye

What happens when two bloggers get together for a quick photo shoot whilst their children nap/watch movies in running vehicles? This, my friends:
Well, and this.
entire outfit: Old Navy
Big thanks to Alida, of Alida Makes, for impromptu shooting my outfit. I agreed to meet her and help out with some photos of a few gorgeous wardrobe pieces that she created and, being the awesome friend that she is, Alida offered to snap some photos of me in return. Thank you, friend!
This outfit is just another mom-on-the-go, fast, easy, comfortable ensemble. I'm digging the bright coral and muted olive together. I think my pairing of bright summer shorts with a fall top was my symbolic and hopeful "Goodbye" to summer. Please, summer, just be done. You and your humidity can take a hike. For real.
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