Friday, September 6, 2013

Confessional Friday

I confess:
... that I haven't done squats all week and am feeling pretty crappy about it. Back on the wagon.
... that my laziness (a quality that I really dislike in others and myself) has gotten the best of me with a sore back and all the Norah sleepless shenanigans that have been going on this week.
... that I was so nervous about how music class would go on Tuesday (the first day of school), and although it went well, it definitely didn't go as well as usual. I'll chock that up to a bunch of new students and no one being in a routine, yet.
... that I have a prayer session on Tuesday and am nervous, but excited for what God wants to bring to my attention.
... that I feel convicted to work on my friendships and start spending more quality time with the gracious, sweet, and loving friends that I've been blessed with.
... that, although I didn't do it, I wanted a cookies and cream milkshake from Chick-fil-A pretty much every day this week.
... that I cannot, I mean CANNOT, wait for bible study to begin next week!
... that I'm in this weird, in between sizes stage, where literally, nothing I own fits properly. I'm getting sick of that, but refuse to buy anything new until I reach my first goal (hopefully by Christmas!).
... that it's hard not to feel guilty that I just want a break from my life sometimes. For real, can I just have one vacation day from being me?
... that I'm looking forward to this weekend and worshipping at church!

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