Monday, September 9, 2013

Shabby Chic Room Makeover & FundayMonday Link-Up

In my mad rush to make money for our family vacation in June, I sold pretty much all unnecessary decorative items in our bedroom. We couldn't afford for the Hubs to take an entire week off of work AND rent a van to travel to the mountains, so I raised $1000, literally, by selling "all the things." People will buy anything. Not kidding. Now, our bedroom is a blank slate. In fact, I just sold our Ikea bed frame, yesterday, and we're back on a basic metal frame. No headboard, nothing above the bed on the walls. Nothing on the walls at all, actually. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Pinterest-frenzied door headboard. I, too, am in love with the idea. I think we'll opt for the shabbier version, though. I don't really like the clean, newly painted, mantle added door headboard. I also want to decorate in a simple, shabby-chic, cost-effective manner that won't leave me wishing I hadn't spent X amount of money on something I can totally live without. I love the idea of a simple fabric garland above the headboard and I was dreaming up some simple canvas art and fabric flower decorations for the wall across from our bed. 
I'd love white walls, because we all know that white rooms are all the rage right now. Blank, clean pallets are super easy to accessorize with pretty much anything. I'll have to go with our very neutral blue/grey that I begged for, though. I think pops of slate, orange, and yellow would look great. What to do you think of these ideas?
1. image credit - Double wooden doors
2. image credit - Single wooden door
3. image credit - Iron bed frame with wooden cabinet doors as an accent
4. image credit - Unfinished barn door
5. image credit - Fabric garland decorative piece
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