Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inclined to Say

I'm inclined to say a few things, today. First, my musical inclination has led me to a wonderful position, teaching music at my daughter's preschool. I teach two groups each Tuesday morning and today was, by far, the very best lesson we've had to date. We focused on movement, so I brought a tambourine and slide whistle, and the kids responded so well. *Pat on back.* I'm also inclined to say that I fit into my skinny jeans, again! But not into any of my cute tops. Actually, not sure if I still have any cute tops. Another post on that at a later date, though. Some people may think that teaching preschool music is a time for comfy clothes and ponytails, but in my heart of hearts, I truly believe that, as a teacher, it's my job to focus not only on the subject at hand, but also body awareness, confidence, image, and proper self care. I try to make a conscious effort to look nice every time I teach so that I convey these things to the children.
top: Oh Baby (yes, it's maternity- and you can totally tell because it doesn't fit properly... but I like it.)
jeans: Charlotte Russe
sandals: Target
scarf: DIY (basically, I hemmed a dress and this was part of the slip.)

 I'm still working on the outfit photo thing. I generally don't have time to go galavanting into the nethers of our city to find beautiful photo locations, nor do I have a tripod or remote. What I DO have is the hood of my car. Oh, and an almost 15 month old baby staring at me from the inside of the running car. We do the best with what we have, right, y'all? Happy Tuesday! Stay tuned for an easy, delicious, and healthy recipe for What I Ate Wednesday!

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