Friday, August 23, 2013

Confessional Friday: My Perfect Day

I'm linking up with Leslie, of A Blonde Ambition {the cutest little preggers blogger in Internet Land, now that Molly has had baby Lilly!} for Confessional Friday. 

Today's topic is:
How you'd spend your perfect day...
And let me tell you how tough it was for me to come up with these! I haven't thought about what my perfect day would be in a long time. I'm generally busy trying to make sure everyone else has a perfect day. Or... at least trying to make sure they live through the day. C'est la vie, yes? So, mine...

* I would wake up in a beach villa, California king sized bed, covered in fluffy white pillows and a white down comforter, next to hubs, by the sound of crashing waves, and to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking.
* After getting out of bed, I would take my time getting coffee and reading my bible and devotion, eating breakfast, and getting ready for my day.
* Hubs and I would take a morning walk on the beach and collect seashells for the girls (because they're with Gigi or Grandma while Daddy and Mommy are on a grown up vacation).
* Hubs would go play golf while I got a massage, facial, mani, and pedi.
* I would go shopping with an unlimited budget and buy way more stuff for the girls than myself... because let's face it, their clothes are stinking adorable.
* Hubs and I would meet back up for drinks and dinner on a private yacht, then we'd go swimming in clear blue water that's lit by the base of the boat.
* Back to the beach villa for coffee, dessert, and special grown up time.
image via Kempinski (maybe we should be heading to one of these hotels!)

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