Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekly Roundup {8.24.13}

Each Saturday, I plan to share some memories from the week. Unfortunately for you and me, this past week included a big, scary spider. I mean BIG. So, husband killed it. Then I found out it was the same spider that Charlotte was in Charlotte's Web.
We're jerks.
clockwise from spider (RIP):
1. Garden orb weaver spider - ie: Charlotte - ie: Dead.
2. Norah crashed on me after waking up at 6am and scaring the bejeebs out of hubs.
3. Yes, that's my leg. And I'm getting some outer thigh definition by day 10 of the squat challenge.
4. The only place Norah will nap without waking up to nurse is my bed.
5. I rearranged Norah's room and created a library area under the painting my friend created- and now, we have a Dempsey Library in our home!

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