Friday, October 11, 2013


It never occurs to me, until I see myself in an outfit photo, that my clothes just don't look good. This is a perfectly good outfit in my mind. And even in the semi-dark, rushed morning, quick glimpse in the full length mirror, I thought I'd put together a pretty little ensemble. But these photos tell me what I constantly fear about these jeans. They're supposed to be those super awesome trouser jean things that people just die over. I even paid a pretty penny for them! But I've got to get it through my thick skull that trouser jeans (or trouser cut pants of any kind) do not belong on the rounder petites. Don't say anything mean about my sweater. It's here to stay and I promise to wear it with skinny jeans next time!
 sweater: LC Lauren Conrad/Kohl's, cami: c/o Maurices,  jeans: New York & Company, boots: Old Navy
Someone seriously needs to teach me how to use another setting on my camera. I don't have a fancy schmancy camera! It's a Canon PowerShot SX30IS (For non-camera people, that sounds fancy, but it's not. For camera people, this should be easy, right?). I use the Auto setting. That's it. And the stupid timer because I don't have a remote. I'm not even sure if my camera has a remote option. I'm determined to get better photos with what I have because there's no SLR in my near future!

Y'all, I'm sad. I'm looking at these photos and really realizing that these jeans probably have to go. Know how much that pains me? And it's not because I love them and think they're awesome. It's because it's one more thing I won't see in my closet. Totally pathetic, right? Do you get sentimental about things that aren't even important?

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