Thursday, October 10, 2013

Liebster Award

I have to say a huge "Thank You" to Shannon of A Day in the Life of an Officer's Wife for nominating me for the Liebster Award! What an honor! I love Shannon's blog and have been reading it for almost two years. We have the common ground of being mommy to a little girl (or two, in my case)! She's also sister-in-law to one of my dearest, sweetest, long-time best friends! It's been a very long time since I've been nominated for any type of blog award, so this warmed my heart and made me feel like there's still someone out there reading, despite my wonky blogging schedule over the past year or two. Thank you so much, Shannon!

11 Random Factoids About Moi:
1. I'm 4'10.5". I've been telling people I'm 4'11" for many, many years. I found out that I was lying about a year ago.
2. I love reading magazines from start to finish. But, ain't nobody got time fo dat.
3. The bane of my existence is doing/putting away dishes.
4. I'm really bad at grooming my shih-tzu and often feel guilty that I don't make time for her.
5. I have a perfectly good working chore, grocery, and "me time" schedule that I never, ever use.
6. I think I'd rather hang out with preschoolers than adults most of the time.
7. Even in the summer time, I rarely leave the house without a tank top under whatever else I'm wearing.
8. I've had my camera for 3 years and still don't know how to use any setting except "auto."
9. If I could eat the same thing every single day, I would have ham, pineapple, and green pepper pizza.
10. My eyes are blue, green, grey, and yellow all at the same time. They don't really change color, but the shade gets darker and lighter.
11. I'm hyper crazy neurotic when it comes to dental hygiene. If I hadn't slept in 18 days and finally had a chance to lay down in bed, I wouldn't sleep without brushing first. 

Shannon's Questions: 
1. What is your very first memory? This is tough! I think the first thing I clearly remember is sleeping at my Nana's (my mom's grandmother's) house, in a yellow and white adorned twin bed, waking up at 3 or 4 am, and driving to Nags Head with my mom's family.
2. Favorite guilty pleasure show? Bachelor/Bachelorette - I also love Parenthood, but I don't feel like that's technically a guilty pleasure show. It's awesome!
3. All time favorite band? Oh, jeez. Probably Journey and Maroon 5.
4. What is your most treasured possession? I'm guessing by "possession," Shannon means "inanimate object." I don't really possess my kids, but if I did, I'd say them. Inanimate possession, though? Probably my engagement ring and wedding band. If I can only pick on, my wedding band. If the house were to start burning down, I'd get the kids, the dogs, and my rings. In that order.
5. Vanilla ice cream or Chocolate ice cream? Chocolate!
6. If money was no object, where would be your next vacation spot? Venice
7. What is your favorite holiday? Why? Christmas, hands down! It's beautiful, happy, has the best (in my opinion) weather, the spirit of Christmas is warm, fuzzy, and amazing. I love celebrating Jesus and teaching my kids what Christmas is really all about! I love the decorations and the food, but most of all, I really love gathering with family and making new memories!
8. Tell us the story of how you met your hubby. In October of 2002, I was on my way to a Halloween party. It was my freshman year in college and I went to my friend's dorm to pick her up first. Her room was across the hall from the laundry room and I looked over at this guy doing his laundry while I was waiting outside her door. I thought to myself, "What a loser- Why is he doing laundry on a Friday night?" Then he turned around and I thought, "What a CUTE loser!" I was a superficial jerk for a while. I asked my friend if she knew him and she said that she did, but that he was interested in someone else. Eventually, she gave me his AIM screen name and I mustered up the courage to message him. We talked (and bantered) back and forth for a few months, but he was clear that I wasn't the kind of girl he was looking for. I was pledging a sorority and did more than my fair share of partying. In April of 2003, my dorm had a late night fire drill and I headed over to his dorm to hang out. He asked me on a date the next weekend, but nothing really came of it. We went out a week later to work on a photography project for one of his classes and were outside in a field most of the day. I am superficially allergic to grass and was breaking out in hives, but didn't say anything. When it got dark, we laid on the hood of his car and he said, "Isn't this nice that we're friends, now, and there's no pressure to kiss or anything?" I'm sorry, I just broke out in painful, itchy hives all day for my FRIEND'S photography project? Oh man. He took me back to campus and we didn't hang out or talk again before school got out. We started talking on AIM over the summer, then on the phone. He said, "I love you" to me on June 10, 2003 and we met up at school (we lived 3.5 hours from each other) on July 26, when he asked me to be his girlfriend.
9. Cat or Dog? Why? Dog. They're way more loving, not alpha, and they don't use the bathroom in the house.
10. Morning person or night person? Night! I hate, hate, hate mornings. But that's started to change with my new job. I wake up earlier and happier and I get to bed by 10 or 11, usually. Preschool is exhausting!
11. What do you love most about blogging? I love being able to use my blog to share things that I do and love, as an outlet for my hobbies and emotions, to document life with my family, to remember things that I'd otherwise forget (like recipes or outfits that I want to repeat), and I love connecting with fellow bloggers and creating lasting friendships!

My Liebster Nominees (Rules say 5 or 11 and I did 6. I'm such a rebel.)
Natasha @ Tasha Delrae
JoAnn @ Sidewalk Chic

Your questions from me:
1. What was the best birthday celebration you've ever had?
2. What is one thing you can't leave the house without doing (excluding using the bathroom)?
3. If you were a kid, what would you dress up as for Halloween?
4. All time favorite song, ever?
5. When you get home, do you stay in your outfit from being out/running errands/working or do you change into something cozy?
6. Name one makeup product (including the brand!) that you can't live without and tell us why.
7. What's you biggest pet peeve?
8. Favorite junk food?
9. What is your most worn piece of clothing?
10. Favorite blog?
11. Tell us a guilty habit!

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